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The Many Moves Of Chief Keef


The Many Moves Of Chief Keef

The Many Moves Of Chief Keef

Chicago Drill Rapper Chief Keef is known for many things, however, what makes Chief Keef a King in the underworld of Drill Hiphop is the simulation him and his GloryBoyz cohorts created. Keef is not the King because he raps better or he’s more menacing done other drillers for example King Von. He is the King because he’s a thinker who makes strategic moves to keep himself in position. One of the most important and probably the best move Keef made was moving out of Chiraq. So how can he be the King of Drill if he doesn’t even go back to the streets he rules? The answer is the simulation… The Simulation of ‘Live Streaming’ Gang Culture in real time as it happens on the internet as if it was a game. The Drill simulation was officially born after rival gang rapper Lil Jojo was killed and his death was mocked online by Keef. The simulation is sustained by diss songs and Killings as seen replicated worldwide in the UK, Brooklyn, Miami etc. As Keef is the father of this simulation every time drill makes the news for similar online gang affiliated shootings he glories.

This simulation caught the attention of popular online hiphop journalist Dj Akademiks in 2014 and his YouTube channel “The War In Chiraq” established it to a Suburban audience. Chief Keef is truly Sosa and not Tony Montana because he plays from behind the scenes. Every so often he makes a move like does extravagant fire works or paint his cars as the mystery mobil to get the attention of blogs and remind everyone that the father of Chiraq is still relevant. 

There is a diminishing quality about Keef’s world. Although they’ve been popular for over a decade those within his world seem to struggle and be tarnished. For example the mother of his kid is often seen whoring herself out for attention claiming sex with popular rappers. This shouldn’t be the case for someone who is connected to a long established rapper, it suggests that Love doesn’t exist in Keef’s world. His right hand man Lil Reese who was a key feature to establishing and sustaining the simulation has seen his reputation and status take a beating after videos of him being attacked to the point of feces surfaced online. A sad representation of a once very popular and menacing figure, it proves the simulation loves none.

The simulation keeps Keef enthroned because whenever shootings in Chicago are spoken about on social media they’ll always be associated to him as an originator but those around him will always suffer from the diminishing energy of death and the low self-esteem that comes with non progress.

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