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Elon Musk : Genius Or Tyrant?


Elon Musk : Genius Or Tyrant?

Elon Musk : Genius Or Tyrant?

Elon Musk has humanised himself on social media like no other Billionaire before him. He’s often spotted on twitter having a joke, talking about space or teasing the idea of buying Manchester United football club. For a Billionaire with access to big marketing budgets Elon simply chooses to troll on Twitter for relevance.  In many ways this is genius as his reach is vast like former US President Donald Trump was and he doesn’t have to spend an extra marketing budget for the spotlight. It currently seems like he might have been trolling when he actioned the purchase of social media network twitter, the platform he’s most popular on.

So is Elon Musk a genuis or Tyrant? We will like to suggest that he’s a bit of both. Loyalty does not seem to exist in the Musk household, he reportedly welcomed twins in secret with one of his top executives last year, just weeks before the birth of his second child with Grimes. A few days before the news hit social media Elon used his platform to shed light on population collapse and then suggested in a trolling way when the news broke days after that he was ‘doing his bit to help underpopulation’ after the fathering of twins with his executive. Elon’s father is showcasing a similar kind of savagery by recently having a second child with his step daughter and claiming he’s not proud of his son’s achievements. Genius or Tyrant, the jury is still out.

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